Debt collection is serious issue. Anyway, we enjoy it.

Every member of the KVESTOR team is highly motivated, well educated, continuously trained, professional and proud of being involved in our activities.

Our managing director Mr. Leon Zalar first got acquainted with debt collections during the time of his studies at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. In the year 2000 he started gathering experience at Coface Intercredit Ljubljana. In the year 2004 he was invited to the team within the SID – Slovene Export Corporation, establishing a specialized debt collection agency Pro Kolekt and a network of subsidiary companies throughout South-Eastern Europe.

For a number of years he actively participated in the management of Pro Kolekt as the Deputy Manager. In 2012 he was appointed as the Managing Director of the Pro Kolekt Group. At this position he was responsible for the head office in Slovenia and daughter companies in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania. In all his positions Leon was significantly involved in development and implementation of the IT support for the needs of the debt collection process. In 2017 he invested additional efforts in risk management studies and successfully passed exam for insurance broker.